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To think of all those wasted years of living with chronic bloating, indigestion, lack of energy, depressed spirits, and overwhelming lethargy. Colon hydrotherapy has effected a welcome reversal of all those negative conditions. Ann Ochs, backed by years of professional education in this specialized field along with her nurturing nature, has cast sunshine back into my life.

Lynn M.
Age 65

I read the Amazing Liver and Gallbladder Flush by Andreas Moritz. It suggests colon therapy during the flush. I reached out to Ann as I had many questions and was a little nervous. She was able to answer my questions and my flushes have been wonderfully productive. She practices what she teaches.

Jennifer D.
Age 37

Colon hydrotherapy is a wonderful way to start your health regime; it cleared my mind and body. I lost interest in sugary and processed foods and found it easier to stick to a healthy food plan. I encourage everyone to think outside the box and try it. It works!

Susan T.
Age 35

A low dose of antibiotics over seven years cleared my skin of teenage acne, but left me with an overgrowth of yeast that wreaked havoc with my body. Colon hydrotherapy, combined with a yeast-free diet, helped me regain my health. Ann's guidance, along with The Body Ecology Diet book, helped me understand this condition and how to heal it. I am now symptom free.

Karen G.
Age 29

I colon cleansed through 21 pounds in 21 days by Roni DeLuz. I honestly don't think I would have made it through the cleanse if Ann hadn't cheered me through it. She helped my get past the tough days until it became easier. It was a great experience. I felt great and got the results I was looking for.

John C.
Age 42

For years I was told the importance of a colonic. I was skeptical and unsure. A friend referred me to Ann Ochs, a beautiful woman who instantly made me feel warm and comfortable. Her knowledge of raw foods from the time she had spent at Hippocrates Health Institute was invaluable. Her encouragement to develop healthy eating habits has changed my life. I cleanse on a regular basis and have incorporated raw foods into my diet. My health and energy have increased. I have never felt better.

Kevin H.
Age 40

Unfortunately, an irregular bowel and constipation are nagging side effects from treatment (radiation and chemotherapy). I sought many doctors as well as dietary changes and supplements. The only modality that helped was colon hydrotherapy. The treatment is pleasant, private and totally effective. I am so grateful for for the relief and benefits it has afforded me. Ann Ochs provides great information along with great compassion.

Gary W.
Age 59


Ann's Pearl of Wisdom:

A man too busy to take care of his health is like a mechanic too busy to take care of his tools. -Spanish Proverb